SONA Representative role and application

SONA representative

SONA Representatives are ambassadors for SONA and The Institute of Architects at your University. Reps help to intensify student’s university study and social experiences, providing opportunities for professional networking and career development.

Applications for 2023

Applications  opening soon! 

Benefits of being a SONA Representative

  • Free SONA membership for the year that you are in term
  • Become a leader at your university and advocate for students
  • Learn more about the Australian architecture profession
  • Enliven your campus culture
  • Help other students become involved in the profession
  • Be part of a community of likeminded design students and professionals.

SONA Representative experiences

Architecture as an industry and interest for many demands a rich collaboration among contributors. As the SONA representative for QUT I was excited to be able to help facilitate those connections, and advocate for students that share my passion within this architectural field of study. 

SONA offers a unique platform for connecting students and professionals from a variety of demographics and fields within architecture. Being able to coordinate events with work colleagues, Institute team members and students testifies to the convergence of SONA. Like with anything, what you invest is what you will reap. SONA is a fantastic platform for investing in your own experience as a student, as well as those of others! I personally forged many new relationships and networks, and would love to see future representatives continue to do so, within your own and with other universities nation-wide! 

Senlina Mayer

Queensland University of Technology SONA Representative

Becoming a SONA representative has helped me to enter the professional world of Architecture much sooner. Being a SONA representative has given me opportunities to contact well established architects: the opportunity to talk to them, to know them and let them know me. Architecture world is a small community so it is good to show your face sooner than later. Being a SONA representative is also very empowering, and it gives you the responsibility to be the voice for all your fellow students. As you progress in life you will find out how crucial it is to have a voice and to be able to use your voice in the most effective way… this is an opportunity to learn how to speak up, how to defend your ideas.  

Marco Pansini

Curtin University SONA Representative

I enjoyed organizing events and watching other people benefit from them at the end of the day. It was also great to meet new people who are passionate about the same things as I am. It's great to step out and meet people beyond your university and to explore the industry before actually stepping into it. It gives you a sneak peek and can inspire you a lot too!

Nuri Mohamd

University of Tasmania SONA Representative

I became a SONA rep to engage with the broader architectural community, make new friends and to support those going through the challenge of being an architecture student!  My most rewarding experience was definitely working with others to help create really enjoyable events for students to participate in. More than ever, it's super important for our community to come together and support each other, especially as students. Being a SONA representative, you can make someone else's experience better through your initiatives. 


RMIT SONA Representative

For me, SONA has been an opportunity to help architecture students, understand and advance the architectural profession. As a member of the SONA executive, I have been able to work together with like-minded people to deliver several initiatives and events. This continuous collaboration and culture of growth inspires me and instils me with hope for the future of SONA and the future of the profession. For anyone who is thinking about applying for a role on the SONA Executive, my advice would be to believe in yourself. If you have the drive to make a meaningful impact- anything is possible!   

Nicole Mesquita Mendes

SONA President Elect

SONA Executive application

2023 applications open now

The SONA Executive team leads the national network of SONA representatives.  SONA Executive are nationally elected positions. Each member of the SONA executive team has a unique portfolio and position focus. If you are interested in joining the team next year, review the below role descriptions to see if the position is right for you. 


Key Dates

Applications open | Now 

Applications Close | Monday 29 August 9am AEST

Voting opens | Monday 29  August 

Candidate Q&A | Thursday 1 September 5.30pm AEST | Join the session now

All eligible candidates will be invited to participate in the candidate Q&A session with SONA members. This is an opportunity for candidates to address voting SONA members and answer questions with the current SONA President. 

Voting closes | Monday 12 September 9am AEST 

SONA President, Nicole Mesquita Mendes and Immediate Past SONA President, Leanne Haidar | Lost Opportunities Symposium 2022


SONA President 
The SONA President leads the Student Organised Network for Architecture (SONA) National Committee and is a member of the Institute’s National Council.

SONA President Elect 
The SONA President Elect assists with leading the Student Organised Network for Architecture (SONA) National Committee. It follows that theSONAPresident Elect will progressto the SONAPresident role and Immediate Past SONA President role.

Co-President Elect is an optional position that is open to no more than two students.  

SONA Vice President – Competitions and Events 
The SONA VP contributes to the direction of SONAs National Student Design competitions and supports the delivery of national events including R U OK Day, O-week initiatives and other special projects.   

SONA Vice President – Membership and Engagement 
The SONA VP ensures SONA representatives are engaged and have the support to perform their role. The SONA VP and assists with SONA recruitment and renewals strategies.

2022 SONA Executive team

meet the team

The Institute is pleased to announce the 2022 SONA Executive team.

sona President

Nicole Mesquita Mendes
Master of Architecture student at Bond University

SONA vice president Competitions and events candidates

Reem Daou 
Master of Architecture student at University of South Australia

SONA vice president member engagement Candidate

Alvin Zhu 
Master of Architecture student at the University of New South Wales

sona President Elect

Thomas Huntingford
Master of Architecture student at the University of Melbourne

SONA vice president Competitions and events candidates

Reem Daou 
Master of Architecture student at University of South Australia

SONA vice president member engagement Candidate

Alvin Zhu 
Master of Architecture student at the University of New South Wales

Become a SONA rep

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Before applying make sure you read the SONA Rep role description to see if you are right for the role. 

To be eligible you must,  

  • At the time of application and commencement of the role, be a current and financial SONA member.
  • Be attending classes or have contact hours at the University where they are appointed as SONA representative.

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