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About NSW prizes and honours

NSW architecture prizes and honours

The Australian Institute of Architects NSW supports a range of prizes that recognise excellence and reward outstanding contributions in the fields of architecture and the built environment.

2021 Prizes and Honours Booklet

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2019 Adrian Ashton Prize winner Catherine Hunter, juror Dr Kerwin Datu and Prof Glenn Murcutt | Photographer: Alexander Mayes
Brian Patrick Keirnan Prize is open to NSW students of architecture and is based on the theme of ‘Reimagining, Reinventing and Reinterpreting Public Space’
Architect and urban designer Christopher Procter | Photographer: Bill Tsakalos
2019 David Lindner Prize winner Hannah Slater, jurors Dr Kirsten Orr and Robyn Lindner | Photographer: Alexander Mayes
2019 Marion Mahony Griffin Prize winner | Abbie Galvin FRAIA | Photographer: Alexander Mayes
2019 NSW President's Prize winner | Caroline Pidcock LFRAIA | Photographer: Alexander Mayes
2019 Reconciliation Prize winner University of Sydney, jurors Dillon Kombumerri and Michael Mossman | Photographer: Alexander Mayes
Councillor Philip Thalis LFRAIA | Photographer: Alexander Mayes

Policies and Guidelines

NSW End of Year Prize Night | Photographer: Alexander Mayes

For further information relating to Architectural Competitions, including requests for Institute endorsement for your competition please email prizes@architecture.com.au

For more information regarding NSW Prizes, please email vivian.he@architecture.com.au

For information on previous programs and past winners, please visit wp.architecture.com.au/nswawards/